WOW- Walk Once A Week

Active travel incentives to get children walking to school cost little but can have a big impact on congestion and people’s heath. Schemes such as Walk Once a Week or WOW is living streets’ year round walk to school challenge, which typically increases the number of primary school pupils walking all or part of the way to school by 23%.

The programme rewards children who walk to school at least once a week for a month with collectable badges. To make winning even more fun the scheme gets children from across the UK to design these badges in an annual competition, including a downloadable app to make them come to life!

According to WOW research only half of primary school children walk to school, with school trips accounting for almost one quarter of traffic on the road! This is despite 95% of households living within a 20 minute walk/bus journey from their local primary school.


Schools can get involved in the WOW initiative through a funded living streets project or on their own. Working alongside WOW gives schools the opportunity to organise events with locally based co-coordinators, including a visit from ‘Strider’ (the WOW mascot) or setting up a park & stride scheme. Working alongside living streets schools can help to identify and overcome their barriers to walking. The cost per pupil per year is only £1.43!

Want to encourage walking at your school? Why not sign up and join the WOW campaign and see how you can encourage pupils and parents to walk to school! Let us know how many badges you collect by using @pbatravel on social media.

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Road Safety Week 2017

National ‘Road Safety Week’ hit the streets this week with a number of schools, organisations and communities taking part. The scheme is coordinated by Brake, a road safety charity, who work to prevent death and injury, making streets safer and supporting victims of road crashes. This year Road Safety Week will run from 20-26th November, with the theme ‘Speed Down, Save Lives’ aiming to tackle speeding.

In the UK speeding causes needless crashes, untold suffering and stops people from living safe and healthy lives. The campaign raises awareness on the dangers of driving too fast and will focus on:

  • Fatal injury caused by speeding;
  • Rural roads are not race tracks;
  • 20mph is the only safe speed in heavily built up areas used by pedestrians/cyclists;
  • Going slow means that you can stop in time;
  • Speed cameras save lives; and
  • Intelligent Speed Adaptation is an important development that is likely to be fitted to all vehicles in the future.


Did you know that 23% of fatal crashes in Great Britain are due to speeding?

Knowing this now will you slow your speed? Or better yet use the week as a challenge to try travelling your commute by foot, bicycle or public transport? Let us know how you decide to take part by using @pbatravel on social media. Sign up for your Road Safety Week 2017 Action Pack by logging onto


New Portsmouth Park & Ride Stop

Following customer feedback Portsmouth City Council have added a new stop to their Park & Ride bus service, just in time for Christmas!

As of 10th November Portsmouth’s Park & Ride service will stop at the Cascades Shopping Centre. The service will stop at the existing St Agathas bus stop on Marketway, just a two minute walk from the shopping centre. Passengers retuning to the Park & Ride terminal can use the stop opposite Victoria Park on Crisppian Way.

This added stop makes the Portsmouth Park & Ride service perfect for Christmas shopping or travelling around Portsmouth. Let us know your thoughts on the new stop by using @pbatravel on social media.


Need a timetable? Click here.


Commute Smart Week 2017

Between 12th and 18th November 2017 Commute Smart Week aims to provide more suitable methods of travel to cope with the challenges that winter conditions have towards commuting, ranging from bad weather to disrupted travel.


It is important to implement methods to cope with the winter conditions as they can have an adverse impact on the efficiency of organisations due to prolonging commuting times and can hinder the safety of commuters.

Strategies promoted to enhance the efficiency and safety of commuters include:

  • Virtual Meetings: Engaging in telephone and video conferences via technological means will lessen the volume of commuters therefore reducing the amount of congestion.
  • Changes to Travel Times: Adjusting travelling times to avoid peak times will increase the efficiency of commuting by avoiding the rush hour traffic.
  • Remote and Agile Working: Encouraging alternative working methods, such as working from home or other convenient working locations instead of travelling to the designated workplace.
  • Smarter Working: There are numerous methods in which the working day can be altered to better accommodate the challenges posed by winter conditions. Some of the methods are flexible working, condensed working days and four day working weeks.
  • Road Safety: Road incidents increase by a fifth in the winter compared to the summer. By utilising initiatives to avoid commuting whilst engaging in work duties may help decrease the number of incidents.

If you would like to find out more information about how you could be better prepared to cope with the winter conditions on your journey visit


The UK’s e-bike Subsidy

The UK government are considering subsides for electric bicycles as part of a policy effort to encourage more people to cycle. People purchasing electric or hybrid cars can receive £4,500 off the purchase price through a government subsidy however there is currently no equivalent available for e-bikes. The government e-bike subsidy scheme aims to encourage the uptake of cycling by making e-bikes a more attractive option for cyclists.


E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for cyclists travelling long distances. As e-bikes can cost £1,500+ their price tag deters potential purchasers. It is estimated that currently 1-2% of all trips in the UK are made by cycle, which is considerably lower than many European countries.

If a subsidy was implemented would your purchase an e-bike? Have you ever travelled by e-bike?

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Social Buses

MoreBus are asking passengers for their views on different types of seating and is trailing a brand new vehicle on its M1 (between Poole, Bournemouth and Castle Point) and M2 (between Poole, Bournemouth and Southbourne) services. The bus company aim to provide a more sociable space for bus passengers that will also allow families and friends to sit together.

The new buses will have a horse-shoe arrangement on-board, creating a lounge-type environment. Upon the launch of the new vehicles More Bus are urging customers to fill out a survey and let them know what they thought of the new seating layout. If the trail is successful MoreBus could be rolling out buses with this design!


Are you in the Dorset area? Why not trail the new horse-shoe layout and let MoreBus know what you think!

Need the timetables for the M1 and M2 MoreBus services? Click here.

To fill out the questionnaire based on your experience please click here.


#StepUp Southampton

StepupSouthampton aims to get you to ditch your car and help your city walk 10 million steps together. It’s simple to take part, simply record the number of miles you’ve swapped in steps and help Southampton reach the 10 million step target. The best part is, if you take part and submit your steps on the MyJourney Southampton website, you could be in with a chance of winning a Fitbit! So far 1,149,084 steps have been logged in Southampton.


Between Tuesday 10th and Saturday 14th October the MyJourney team will be outside Westquay Shopping Centre from 10am to 4pm giving away free coffee vouchers when you prove that you’ve walked at least 5,000 steps.  Set yourself a challenge and see if you can collect a free coffee voucher every day!

Do you keep record of your steps? Let us know how many steps you walk and help Southampton achieve its 10 million step goal!